Design-led Product Management

Within the WooCommerce division at Automattic we've been taking a design-led approach to building products. What does this (design-led) mean? It means we start with empathy, focus on the experience, and emotions (how a person feels about product/service). We work on understanding the people using our products – their problems, needs, and goals – and … Continue reading Design-led Product Management

La personalización como feedback

Automattic es conocida por sus productos más visibles:, Jetpack, WooCommerce, Simplenote... Herramientas utilizadas por millones de usuarios, en las que trabajamos a diario (¡y duramente!) para mejorar. Pero en Automattic no solo desarrollamos las herramientas que todo el mundo conoce. En nuestro día a día también necesitamos herramientas internas, mucho más pequeñas pero básicas … Continue reading La personalización como feedback

Connecting the Dots with Stakeholder Interviews

Recently, I was asked to lead the design and experience of purchasing and owning a domain with Here's my stream of consciousness as I began to survey the task ahead: Day 1: > Leading design for domains? Exciting! 😀 > We launched recently. There is already some momentum behind domains and great growth … Continue reading Connecting the Dots with Stakeholder Interviews