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  1. Pioupiou is an open source mobile app (proof of concept) created by some of Automattic’s mobile developers. It’s an Android app using OAuth and FluxC. Learn more about the project on Github:

    For some reason, the Pioupiou app limited my character count, and also didn’t allow for me to add anchor tags to specific words. The interface could be improved quite a bit, but it was a good start. I’d love to have the ability to just shoot a photo and publish it live through the app.

    App input field

    All the authors showed as me in the app (which isn’t the case)

    Overall, while the interface left something to be desired, it was innovative. People are taking advantage of WordPress in ways that break the standard process of interaction with the software. There was no /wp-admin, no detailed interface. It was simple, and left room for one’s imagination to grow.

    Have you built anything recently that interacts with WordPress? Share it below.

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