Designing Your Remote “Office”

Photo credit: Matteo Vistocco “So, where do your designers sit?” I was at a lunch table during a design leadership conference late last year, chatting with other leaders in the industry. This question left me...confused. I finally realized what we were talking about and laughed. I’ve spent the vast majority of my career working remotely. Figuring … Continue reading Designing Your Remote “Office”

Get Your Theme Ready for Gutenberg

Gutenberg is the codename for the upcoming WordPress editor. It’s currently in beta and available for download from the plugin repository. The new editor consists of blocks that replace current hacky methods of introducing dynamic content such as widgets, custom HTML, and shortcodes. If you test your current theme with Gutenberg, you’ll notice that … Continue reading Get Your Theme Ready for Gutenberg

The Perception of Presence in Remote Teams

I often get many kinds of questions regarding remote work, often from an organizational and structural perspective. Recently however I've been asked a different one: "I'm a freelance about to start working remotely for a remote company, do you have any advice for me?". On the surface it looks like a simple question, with the … Continue reading The Perception of Presence in Remote Teams