June 2017 Digest

Creative Leadership: Critical Thinking

  • Brie Anne Demkiw (#) “Kill Your Darlings”
  • Rick Banister (#) “Remote Leadership”
  • David A. Kennedy (#) “How to Know When to Walk Away from a Project”
  • Tammie Lister (#) “Designing contributions”

Design Standards: In The Flow

  • Jay Koster (#) “Designing products for efficiency”
  • Laurel Fulford (#) “Consistency isnโ€™t just good for users; itโ€™s good for us, too”
  • Filippo Di Trapani (#) “Winning hearts and minds: using customer interviews to learn about your customers”
  • Eduardo Villuendas (#) “La personalizaciรณn como feedback”
  • Jeff Golenski (#) “Staying focused by shifting focus”

Computational Design: Changing Constraints

  • Kelly Hoffman (#) “Should Designers API?”
  • Dan Hauk (#) “Donโ€™t forget the emails”
  • Sarah Semark (#) “Teaching robots to steal my job”
  • Mark Uraine (#) “The Process of Processing with WordPress”

Solving Problems: Starting From Understanding

  • Maria Scarpello (#) “Tools for Remote User Research”
  • Thomas Bishop (#) “Lessons Learned: Analyzing Data at Scale”
  • Mel Choyce (#) “Building a Site Thatโ€™s Right for You”
  • Mike Shelton (#) “Connecting the Dots with Stakeholder Interviews”

Design Stories: Making It Happen

  • Ola Olusoga (#) “The Art of Shipping and Fulfillment”
  • Davide Casali (#) “Redesigning legacy navigation for modern times: the Calypso navigation bar”
  • Thomas Guillot (#) “One Theme May Hide Another”
  • Dave Whitley (#) “Designing Icons for Gridicons”
  • Tiago Noronha (#) “Improving the on-boarding experience for self-hosted WordPress themes”
  • Aleksandra Bodera (#) “Evolution of a theme”
  • Joen Asmussen (#) “Blueprint of a Block”
  • Shaun Andrews (#) “Publishing on WordPress.com”
  • Gary Murray (#) “Streamlining the extension management flow”
  • Takashi Irie (#) “ๅง‹ใพใ‚ŠใฏใŸใ ใฎใƒใƒŠใƒผใƒ‡ใ‚ถใ‚คใƒณ”

Opinions: On Design

  • Zรฉ Marques (#) “When did web design become so boring?”
  • Michael Arestad (#) “Why?”

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