So Many Mountains

I heard it described as having so many mountains inside Automattic — and the resulting question of trying to figure out what everyone is doing on their respective mountains with respect to their product design activities. I’ve always liked that thought. Lots of stuff gets out there that I’m trying to get a handle of, and by doing so my hope is that we can not only see the forest from the trees, or the mountains from the forests, but instead see the overall island/earth from the mountains. That would be nice.

Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 3.21.26 PM

So in that spirit, welcome to a little blog I’ve started to capture all the various increments and advances in the Automattic world of product design. I’ll start by going backwards a bit, but my hope is that it will soon be brought up to date by the many good people I get to work with who are thinkering and making designs that can work best for our customers.

Let’s see where this goes. Welcome! —JM